Sunday, September 29, 2013

Planning a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Destination weddings are a fantastic way to celebrate your marriage, and they can also work as your honeymoon. However, they don’t need to be both. You can also plan a destination wedding and separate honeymoon.

There are plenty of reasons to do this. You can choose a great destination for your wedding, and enjoy the sights with your guests. You can then opt for a completely different climate for your honeymoon.

This can also be very helpful if you don’t have the ability to take lots of time off from work in one go. You can have your destination wedding, go back, and still have the joy of a longer honeymoon to look forward to.

There are no set rules about what you have to do for your destination wedding, or your honeymoon, so feel free to plan what feels right for you as a couple. If you want more advice about destination weddings and honeymoons, get in touch with us today!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Your Dress to a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a great choice, but it does require some logistics when it comes to getting everything you need to your venue. One of the big concerns for many brides is how to get their beautiful gown to their destination.

The first part of getting your wedding dress to your destination is choosing the right type of dress. When you go shopping for your gown, let your bridal salon know that you will be traveling to a destination wedding. They will help you find one that is better for travel, and that could even be packed in your luggage.

You should also check with your airline to see if they have any special service for wedding gowns. Some airlines will allow you to bring your dress on board and have it hung up rather than putting it in with luggage.

Another option could be to pack up your gown and ship it to your destination ahead of time. You will need to check with your venue to ensure they’ll be able to store it until you get there, and some brides to feel that having the gown out of their hands can add to stress.

Wherever you have chosen for your destination wedding, there will be a solution for getting your dress there unharmed and ready for you to wear down the aisle. Working with a destination wedding planner can also help you work out how to get your dress to the venue. To find out more about what we can do to help you plan your destination wedding, give us a call today!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Choosing a Bridal Party for a Destination Wedding

Just as you might have a different guest list for a destination wedding than you would for a wedding closer to home, you’ll also need to approach your bridal party differently. While you might have the same bridal party you’d have at home, there could be some changes.

For one, you’ll need to think about whether the ladies you’d most like to ask will be able to travel to your destination. If your best friend has a crippling fear of flying, as much as she’d love to be a part of your wedding, she might not be able to. The same could be the case if somebody can’t afford to take the time off work, or won’t be able to arrange for childcare.

Most brides will find that their nearest and dearest friends will be happy to travel to be a part of their bridal party, though. If anything, you’ll struggle to trim down your bridal party. The size of your bridal party should be proportional to your guest list. If you’re planning a small wedding, you won’t be able to have 15 bridesmaids by your side.

When you begin planning your destination wedding, we can help you find the location and venue that is perfect for your dream day. To find out more about what we can do to help you plan your destination wedding, give us a call today!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

When to Go On Your Honeymoon

Not long ago, a couple would leave their wedding reception and rush off to the airport for their honeymoon. Nowadays, it’s more common for a couple to stay in a honeymoon suite for the night of the wedding and go on the honeymoon a bit later. Here are some tips for deciding on when to go on your honeymoon.

  • Season: Your perfect wedding season might not be the same as your perfect honeymoon season. One example of this is planning a summer wedding that corresponds with the hurricane season in your dream Caribbean honeymoon locale.
  • Work: If wedding planning has meant you’ve used up all your vacation time, book your honeymoon for a bit later. It’s still worth booking this at the same time as your wedding, though, as it gives you something to look forward to!
  • Commitments: Having a wedding in the height of the wedding season can mean that you’ll have other weddings to attend as a guest in the weeks after your own. You might want to plan your honeymoon for after you’ve finished all of these commitments.

Of course, whether you’re jetting off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding or the month after, booking it can be an exciting part of your wedding planning. To find out more about finding and booking your perfect honeymoon, get in touch today!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Inviting Guests to a Destination Wedding

As you plan your wedding, you’re probably thinking about how your day will be perfect. Part of this is down to who you invite. The joy of a wedding is sharing a special moment with your friends and family. This is no different if you’re planning a destination wedding.

However, there are other things to consider with a destination wedding. In general, you’ll have a smaller number of guests. While you may have a guest list of hundreds for a wedding close to home, you can be much more selective when it comes to a destination wedding.

Whether you have a few guests or a few dozen guests at your destination wedding, you’re asking a lot more of them than you’d ask if you were staying local. They’ll have to take time off work and travel. This can be a welcome invitation for some guests, while others might find this is more than they are able to do.

If you aren’t sure whether a potential guest will be able to come, don’t be afraid to ask them informally. You might need to prioritize your invitees and confirm who will be able to attend. Of course, it’s also fine to send out invitations as normal, knowing that the percentage RSVPing yes might be lower.

When you work with an experienced destination wedding professional, we can help you navigate all the challenges and joys of planning a destination wedding. To find out more about what we offer, give us a call today!