Monday, April 21, 2014

How Many Guest Should You Invite to a Destination Wedding

When you plan on jetting away to an exotic location for your nuptials, you will still want some of your friends and family to be present for your special day. A destination wedding will still have a guest list, but many couples wonder how many people they should invite.

There is no set rule about how big or small a destination wedding must be. In general, they are smaller than local weddings. Many guests who would be able to attend a nearby wedding simply won’t be able to travel to your chosen destination.

For some couples, this is a major selling point for a destination wedding. By planning on going away for their big day, they know they won’t be offending people by not inviting them. Keeping a very small guest list -- less than ten in total -- is an acceptable choice for a destination wedding.

However, some couples will still want a relatively large destination wedding. The key to this is finidng a venue that is appropriate for the number of guests you want to invite and how many you think will be able to attend.

You might already have an idea of wedding size in mind when you begin planning, or it might be dictated by a venue that you fall in love with. Either way, an experienced destination wedding planner can help you with every part of the planning, including creating the perfect guest list.

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