Friday, September 18, 2015

Passport Crisis...?

In 2007, new passport requirements in the U.S. were created for everyone traveling to Mexico and Canada. People rushed to apply for passports, and as you might guess, this resulted in a huge backlog of applications.

Those passports are nearly 10 years old now, and will soon be up for renewal. Many countries require that a traveler's passport be current 6 months after their travel. 

Renew now!

Generally, the busy passport application season begins in January. Get ahead of the curve and renew yours now! There is no waiting period or time limit between passports, so if you see that yours is expiring soon, today would be a great time to start the process!

Please remember that for children under 16, passports are only good for 5 years, rather than 10.

Although passports aren’t required for cruises that begin and end in U.S. ports, it's a great idea to obtain a passport before your cruise anyway. You may get sick or injured when visiting ports and have to fly back home.

There are many websites out there which offer to check your application for errors for an extra fee, but you can easily renew your own without having to pay a third party. For more information and steps to renew your passport, go to:

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